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Ways Burglars can Break Into Your Home


It’s no denying that some of us can be quite worried on whether the locks we have installed in our doors is sufficient enough to keep uninvited guests from breaking in. Sure, there are articles out there that teach us how to be aware of the quality of different locks before purchasing and how to maintain locks regularly so that they don’t degrade. But there are still ways thieves can break in through without you noticing on the potential flaws hidden in your locks.

Criminals who are looking to break into homes are always targeting ones that they are able to go in and out fast. While it is true that some burglars may target one specific house, but daily reports show that those that have poor security for their homes might need to put a little extra effort. Burglars will look for open unlocked windows, cheaper doors, or flimsy locks.

One of the main problem not to be overlooked is the front door of your home. If you have any spare keys, you’ll need to learn some new and creative ways on how to hide them instead of your regular under the mat trick. Not only that, if you’re one to easily forget things, always check whether you’ve left your keys still hanging outside. Most of the time when spare keys can’t be found, burglars would use brute force instead by using a crowbar to pry open the lock point. This most often happens in cities with higher crime rates and third world countries. You can find that countries such as Asia install door grills as triple the protections for their front door.

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